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Charleston, SC

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South Carolina’s estuaries are a beautiful natural ecosystem which host many of an inshore angler’s most prized gamefish.

Just minutes from downtown Charleston, you can find pristine shallow waters which hold redfish, sea trout, black drum, jack crevalle, and Spanish mackerel - just to name a few! If you want to chase bigger fish, it is only a short motor out to deeper water, where you can find sharks, amberjack, and cobia. Charleston boasts year round fishing, guaranteeing you a shot at the prized (and delicious) redfish and seatrout whenever you book your trip. It is not uncommon to catch redfish over twenty pounds in this part of South Carolina.

Most outfitters in Charleston also offer non-angling trips. The estuaries and bays around the Charleston are teeming with natural wonders and historical landmarks. Many Charleston fishing guides also encourage would-be anglers to put away their rods for a bit and take a sightseeing tour around this extremely unique and productive ecosystem. Options include bird watching, crabbing, shelling, historic and ecological tours. The warm weather, scenery, good shopping, and nightlife in Charleston will take care of everyone in your party while you sneak off for a day on the water.

Basic Info
  • 60° 46° Dec-Feb
  • 72° 59° Mar-May
  • 88° 77° Jun-Aug
  • 75° 62° Sep-Nov
Atlantic Ocean, South Carolina Estuaries
Fishing license info here: here

The Catch

Top fish species to target in Charleston, SC


Amberjack, generally refers to a few species that usually have dark stripes extending from nose to in front of their dorsal fins, fierce predators.

Black Drum

A saltwater fish similar to the related Red Drum (or Redfish). Typically 5-30 lbs but can't be much larger.


A large saltwater fish known for its cylindrical shape, flat head, and fearlessness.

Jack Crevalle

One of the biggest and more aggressive in the jack family, these predatory fish have yellow fins and silver bodies.


Reddish color along the back and white on the belly, Redfish are known for the distinct eyespot on their tail.

Sea Trout

Plentiful and good eating in the saltwater marshes of the South. Known for their spots, the sea trout is often called a speckled or spotted trout.

Spanish Mackerel

A migratory species of mackerel, these fish have a dark back and distinctive yellow spots.

More Charleston Outfitters

Fishing with Affinity Charters Fishing Guide in John's Island

Affinity Charters Fishing Guide

John's Island, SC

Affinity Charters is owned and operated by Charleston, South Carolina native Captain John Ward Jr. Captain John is a full time fishing guide who holds a 100-ton Masters License from the USCG, and has two current IGFA world records while fishing with customers. Capt. John has over 25 years of fishing experience in Charleston and surrounding waters. He makes it his own personal goal on every guided charter to provide a safe, productive, and memory filled fishing adventure. Charleston, South Carolina’s nutrient rich eco system provides productive year round fishing for: Red Drum, Black Drum, Speckled Sea Trout, Flounder, and Sheepshead. Seasonal species include: Bluefish, Barracuda, Sea Bass, Cobia, Jack Cravelle, Tarpon, Ladyfish, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, and numerous species of Sharks. Charleston and surrounding waters provide numerous areas to fish. You can fish the Charleston back water flats, rivers, harbors, bays, creeks, ICW, Charleston Jetties, and numerous near shore reefs off of Charleston’s coastline. Most areas can be reached within 15 minutes or less to provide more fishing time on a charter. Affinity Charters offers ½, ¾, and full day fishing trips for light tackle and fly-fishing charters aboard 2013 and 2014 24ft Sportsman Bay Boats. Affinity Charters is Charleston’s finest inshore and flats fishing charter service. All guided trips are private and custom, so they cater to each client’s goals, wants, and skill level. Capt. John Ward is a dedicated professional fishing guide with a History and Biology degree form College of Charleston. Charleston’s waters are full of life, and by special request: private eco tours, bird watching, harbor cruises, shelling, crabbing, historic, and corporate trips are available. Fishing in Charleston is world class, whether you are sight casting a fly at schooling redfish, or battling acrobatic Black Tip Sharks or Tarpon on light spin tackle.

Fishing with Exclusive Fishing Charters in Charleston

Exclusive Fishing Charters

Charleston, SC

Our goal at Exclusive Fishing Charters is to satisfy our customers with an amazing day of fishing at an affordable rate. We would like to make our passion your fishing pleasure. Clients will have the opportunity to learn local tried and true fishing methods, and a few techniques of the pros. We provide our customers all of the tools necessary to land that catch of a lifetime. Exclusive Fishing Charters specializes in catching year round inshore and nearshore species like Redfish, Spotted Seatrout, Sheepshead, Flounder and Black Sea Bass. We also go after seasonal species like, Bull Redfish, Spanish Mackerel , King Mackerel, Bluefish, Ladyfish, Jack Crevalle, Tarpon and Sharks. We catch it all! We know how much you've been looking forward to a great day on the water, and our guide service would like you to feel right at home. So feel free to bring along anything that would enhance your fishing experience. Guests are encouraged to dress for the weather. This fishing trip is all about you! About Captain John Ever since he was young, Captain Jonathan Smith has been fascinated with the waterways in the Charleston area. Fishing has become a lifetime passion for the captain. With his local knowledge of the inlets, creeks and rivers, area fish have become a simple catch. Captain John enjoys teaching new anglers about local fishing techniques, as well as sharing the rich history of the area. From visiting newcomers to local experts, all are welcome to have a great day on the water! Experience breathtaking local views of historic Charleston, SC with a local Fishing guide!

Fishing with Marsh View Fishing Charters in Mount Pleasant

Marsh View Fishing Charters

Mount Pleasant, SC

Captain Tim Mullins Tim Mullins is a USCG Licensed and Insured Captain. He is a native of the Charleston area and a College of Charleston graduate. He has been fishing the Charleston area his whole life. Captain Mullins fishes in tournaments all over the South has learned many tactics from professional anglers all over the world. Let Captain Mullins put his experience to work for you. Charleston offers some of the best inshore and deep sea fishing around. With its proximity to the ocean, along with all of our rivers, creeks, and marshes the fishing opportunities are endless. The area is located in a sub tropical climate, making fishing a year round experience . Our primary targets year round include redfish and speckled sea trout. Other species of fish are targeted during certain times of the year, primarily from May to October. These fish include: cobia, sharks, tarpon, bull reds, striped bass, along with king and spanish mackerel. Deep sea fishing is also available. Deep sea catches include: Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Sailfish, Marlin, Grouper, and Snapper just to name a few. We also provide live bait trolling for King Mackeral on light tackle. Sight fishing for redfish can last all year long with even better possibilities in the winter. We specialize in light tackle and using anything from live bait to artificial lures. All fishing is done from our 22′ Pathfinder bay boat and our 30′ Contender which are both loaded with all of the latest technology. We provide all of the fishing equipment, licenses, ice, bottled water, and local information about our beautiful city. We also offer fly fishing for redfish while wading. Nothing is more fun than being in the water while tangling with a large redfish.

Fishing with Holy City Fishing Charters in Charleston

Holy City Fishing Charters

Charleston, SC

EXPLORE ALL THE BEAUTY THAT CHARLESTONS WATERWAYS HAVE TO OFFER Never been fishing? Don't worry! Holy City Fishing Charters works with new anglers, clients of all ages and skill levels. Let us help you prepare to enjoy an adventure like none other. We're outfitted to help you make a splash. All year round you will find Captain John Fuss and his dog Stretch, navigating through Charleston's hidden waterways, tromping through pluff mud and mapping the ever changing sand banks to find the best fishing spots in the Low Country. Whether you are looking for the elite fishing experience, night bow fishing, a dolphin cruise or a fun day watching your rod bend, John's expertise and area knowledge will provide you and your companions a fishing experience that will last a lifetime. For the past 11 years, John has built a reputation as one of the Low Countries' top fishermen. As a guide, he has developed a core following and has led hundreds of clients to catch thousands of fish. John Fuss is a fourth generation waterman. Born in the Philippines, his youngest memories were island hopping as his father spearfished in the crystal waters of the South Pacific and China Sea. Moving to the United States, he spent his school years living on a freshwater lake in northern SC where he cut his teeth on catfish, bass and crappie fishing. After high school, John moved to Charleston to focus on his passion, and to immerse himself in the rich sea life the area has to offer. There he honed his skills and garnered the respect of the local fishing community. Aside from his daily trips on the water, John has written numerous articles, has been recognized in local and national journals. He regularly lectures at organized local fishing meetings and provides tips to the readers of the popular local fishing websites and boards.

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