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British Columbia

Photo via Flickr

One of the only places left to catch a truly wild salmon or steelhead on it's epic journey upriver to spawn.

A legendary, bucket list location for any salmon or steelhead fisherman. British Colombia has so many fishing opportunities there is no way we can describe it all on this page. The river systems in British Colombia are some of the last great strongholds for migrating steelhead and salmon, which have been know to swim to 600 miles upriver just to spawn. Here, you can find nature as it used to be. Imagine casting into a mighty river and feeling your fly bump along the bottom until all of a sudden, it stops, and you set the hook into one of these prehistoric fish. These wild fish are headed upriver on the most epic and last journey of their lifetime, and it is a true privilege to share a moment with one before sending along its way.

But fishing in BC isn’t only limited to salmon and steelhead. Off the coast, you can head out into the Pacific after massive halibut and sturgeon. Many world record halibut have been caught right here in British Colombia. There is also a prolific salmon population in the ocean, before they head upriver to spawn.

The wildlife and scenery are another reason that British Colombia is such a monumental place. You can’t take one step here without seeing a snow covered mountain peak or an emerald river running through a wooded valley. If you fish in the ocean you’re almost guaranteed to spot a whale or a sea lion. You do not want to go through life without ever having fished in BC.

Basic Info
  • 28° 20° Dec-Feb
  • 50° 34° Mar-May
  • 70° 52° Jun-Aug
  • 61° 46° Sep-Nov
Skeena River, Pacific Ocean, Copper River
Fishing license info here: here

The Catch

Top fish species to target in British Columbia

Bull Trout

Big, aggressive, and hard hitting trout. Also known as Dolly Varden, bull trout are protected in many of their natural habitats.

Chum Salmon

Among the largest species of Salmon, Chum average 8-15 pounds, and develop bold red and black striping as they enter freshwater.

Coho Salmon

Average 8 pounds with dark metallic blue or greenish backs with silver sides and a light belly; spawning fish in rivers are dark with reddish sides


One of the world's largest flatfish, Halibut have diamond shaped bodies and swim sideways, blending in with the sea floor.

Pink Salmon

A smaller salmon known for its extreme physical transformation before spawning. They can be identified by their unique coloring.


These are migratory rainbow trout cousins which can get into the 20-30 pound range. Their name comes from their chrome head and rainbow stripe.

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