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British Columbia

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One of the only places left to catch a truly wild salmon or steelhead on it's epic journey upriver to spawn.

A legendary, bucket list location for any salmon or steelhead fisherman. British Colombia has so many fishing opportunities there is no way we can describe it all on this page. The river systems in British Colombia are some of the last great strongholds for migrating steelhead and salmon, which have been know to swim to 600 miles upriver just to spawn. Here, you can find nature as it used to be. Imagine casting into a mighty river and feeling your fly bump along the bottom until all of a sudden, it stops, and you set the hook into one of these prehistoric fish. These wild fish are headed upriver on the most epic and last journey of their lifetime, and it is a true privilege to share a moment with one before sending along its way.

But fishing in BC isn’t only limited to salmon and steelhead. Off the coast, you can head out into the Pacific after massive halibut and sturgeon. Many world record halibut have been caught right here in British Colombia. There is also a prolific salmon population in the ocean, before they head upriver to spawn.

The wildlife and scenery are another reason that British Colombia is such a monumental place. You can’t take one step here without seeing a snow covered mountain peak or an emerald river running through a wooded valley. If you fish in the ocean you’re almost guaranteed to spot a whale or a sea lion. You do not want to go through life without ever having fished in BC.

Basic Info
  • 28° 20° Dec-Feb
  • 50° 34° Mar-May
  • 70° 52° Jun-Aug
  • 61° 46° Sep-Nov
Skeena River, Pacific Ocean, Copper River
Fishing license info here: here

The Catch

Top fish species to target in British Columbia

Bull Trout

Big, aggressive, and hard hitting trout. Also known as Dolly Varden, bull trout are protected in many of their natural habitats.

Chum Salmon

Among the largest species of Salmon, Chum average 8-15 pounds, and develop bold red and black striping as they enter freshwater.

Coho Salmon

Average 8 pounds with dark metallic blue or greenish backs with silver sides and a light belly; spawning fish in rivers are dark with reddish sides


One of the world's largest flatfish, Halibut have diamond shaped bodies and swim sideways, blending in with the sea floor.

Pink Salmon

A smaller salmon known for its extreme physical transformation before spawning. They can be identified by their unique coloring.


These are migratory rainbow trout cousins which can get into the 20-30 pound range. Their name comes from their chrome head and rainbow stripe.

More Outfitters

Fishing with Castaway Fishing Charters in Ucluelet

Castaway Fishing Charters

Ucluelet, BC

Experience the best salmon and halibut fishing in Ucluelet on the west coast of Vancouver Island! Castaway Charters offers fully guided fishing charters out of Ucluelet, BC, in some of the best salt water fishing grounds in the Pacific Northwest. Catch your limit of salmon, halibut, ling cod, and rockfish amongst stunning coastal scenery. It is not uncommon to view whales, sea lions, bears, eagles and other marine wild life on every fishing adventure.Climb aboard Castaway Charters 32 foot luxury sport fishing yacht for larger groups and a 25 foot Hourston Offshore Cabin Cruiser for smaller groups. Discover a beautiful fishing paradise with top of the line gear and tackle included. Your fishing guide’s experience will ensure you are comfortable, safe and their knowledge of the area and the sport will have you leaving Ucluelet with a cooler full of fresh fish! Castaway Charters offers one day and multi-day trips for both salmon and halibut fishing. We are dedicated to providing a fun and professional service that accommodates every kind of charter, from casual trips to corporate functions. Castaway Charters will also match any local competitor’s rates and guarantees. ROI!!! ( Return On Investment) You can have your catch and eat it too. At Castaway Charters your catch in most cases covers the cost of your Charter, Fresh Halibut Fillets sell from between 15.00 to 25.00 per lb. So at a 50% recovery you get about 15 Lbs of fillets from a 30lber. Hence @15.00 this one fish is worth 225.00 to 300.00, this covers the cost already, maybe book 2 days so you can get 2 halibut. Salmon gets you the same ROI toss in 2 or 3 salmon each and you will be looking at about 30 to 60lbs filleted to about 15 to 30 lbs salmon sells for 10.00 to 18.00 per lb. if you can even find WILD Fresh Caught Salmon in a store. Most is farm raised fish sold by stores. So your Salmon catch is worth about 150.00 upwards to 540.00

Fishing with Skagway Fishing Charters in Skagway

Skagway Fishing Charters

Skagway, AK

When your cruise ship docks and you're looking for a Fishing Charter for a fun-filled trip - Think of Skagway Fishing Charters. Skagway Fishing Charters, docked in the Skagway Small Boat Harbor, is only minutes away from the prime fishing locations of the Lynn Canal. Skagway Fishing Charters recognizes you are aboard to fish, not to cruise the canal. The canal reaches depths of over 1,000 feet in the Lynn Canal which is a splendid area for the Salmon to prosper. The probability of catching King Salmon is greatly increased when using electric downriggers. Skagway Fishing Charters uses downriggers for 1 and only 1 reason - King Salmon are typically caught at a depth of 30 ft. or deeper. Skagway Fishing Charters supplies all the gear, equipment, bait and experience to land your prize Salmon. Why is Skagway Alaska a good location for a fishing charter? Fishing the Upper Lynn Canal promises the fishing experience of a lifetime. A small fleet of experienced fishing captains operate independently of the cruise lines which helps keep the prices down. There are no commercial fishing ships working out of Skagway, which will not hinder the hunt for the Big King. Skagway’s hatchery creates a second run of Kings that grow big and are plentiful from May through September. Skagway fishing offers the KING Salmon – the prize catch of Alaska! Bringing in a prize salmon will be the highlight of your Alaska experience. Skagway Fishing Charters offers a full range of options for processing and shipping your salmon. Enjoy the taste of Alaska at home with a fish YOU CAUGHT with Skagway Fishing Charters.

Fishing with Chad's Fishing Charters in Abbotsford

Chad's Fishing Charters


Welcome to Chad’s Fishing Charters, think of this website as an invitation to enjoy the abundant fishing opportunities that exist in the Fraser Valley. Our home in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada is centered in this lush valley, surrounded by spectacular mountains and a vast watershed – home to a variety of sea-run and resident fish, including salmon, sturgeon, steelhead and trout. We at Chad’s Fishing Charters provide both amateur and avid anglers with world-class fishing adventures. The founder of Chad’s Fishing Charters, Chad Helmer – a third generation sturgeon fishing guide – has made his life fishing the extensive waterways of the Fraser valley. Making the most of his professional fishing guides, superior fishing equipment, and (most importantly) of the good fishing, Chad will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable fishing experience, unsurpassable by any other fishing experience available in the lower mainland. Chad’s Fishing Charter’s most favored specialty is the prehistoric white Sturgeon, the largest of freshwater fish in B.C. and a cherished resident to the Fraser River. The spectacular experience of reeling in this powerful beast will be a challenge, even for the best of anglers. With a dear love for the white Sturgeon, and a respect for future conservation, Chad’s Fishing Charters is active in the monitoring of white sturgeon, tagging and releasing every catch. Sturgeon fishing with Chad’s Fishing Charters is renowned as the best; find out why! Book your Sturgeon fishing trip today! The Fraser Valley fishing season is in full run between May 1st and November 30th; let us guide your technique in spinning, fly, trolling and bar fishing, for an array of Salmon including Pink, Coho, Chinook (king salmon), Sockeye, and Chum.

Fishing with Highliner Lodge and Fishing Charters in Pelican

Highliner Lodge and Fishing Charters

Pelican, AK

The Highliner Lodge is THE ONE remote Alaskan charter fishing vacation destination with the HIGHEST CATCH RATES and the LARGEST HALIBUT in all of Alaska! The Highliner Lodge provides all-inclusive multi-day package charter fishing adventure vacations that include your seaplane flight from Juneau to Pelican, Alaska, quided-fishing, all meals, fish packing, gear and tackle. The Highliner Lodge is located "Closest to the fish!" and that is why we are the fastest growing fishing lodge in Alaska! We catch king salmon, silver salmon and halibut all on the same day! The Highliner Lodge offers access to the most productive and unexploited sport-fishing in Alaska. No where else in Alaska (or the world) can you find such an abundance of sport fish! If you think that this just more of the usual unsubstantiated and outlandish claims that all so-called "sports fishing lodges" make… please do yourself a favor and carefully read the first three pages of our website. I am confident that you will find compelling evidence that our claims are fully justified and that you will choose the Highliner Lodge as your next sport fishing destination! Doesn't everyone claim to be the "best"? Not really! Most lodges don't want to talk about catch rates or average size halibut... it's too embarrassing! Where we have rivals, those destinations are now crushed by industrial tourism. If you can get there by car, RV or cruise ship...If you can land a jet there...then it will be like any other so-called "world class" fishing destination... over-hyped, over-crowded, over-fished and under-whelming.

Fishing with Bonnie Lee Fishing Charters in Vancouver

Bonnie Lee Fishing Charters


Experience the splendor of fishing Vancouver's beautiful, pristine salmon country with Bonnie Lee Fishing Charters, Vancouver's premier charter company, no one can match our prices or catch-rate. We are the premier company in the city, accommodating everyone from the single angler to large corporate groups, with custom designed charters and reasonable rates. We offer private chartering with the largest fleet of fishing and cruising boats on the West Coast. The scenery is breathtaking as you view the city skyline, mountains, ocean and wildlife -- relax and enjoy a spectacular day on the water with Bonnie Lee Charters. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides cater to the single angler or groups, aboard safe and comfortable boats, which accommodate year-round fishing or cruising. Novice or expert, you will enjoy our guidance and professionalism. We can custom design your charter for just a few hours or several days, providing you with a lifetime of memories.... The adventure begins when you board one of our specialty charter boats, where you will experience world-class salmon fishing and the incredible scenery of the Pacific West Coast. We have a large fleet of guided sportfishing vessels on the West Coast, ranging from 23'- 28' boats, and fully equipped with the latest equipment and technology. Over the year our charters target all five species of Pacific Salmon. We provide everything you need to have a relaxing and enjoyable day. At certain times of the year we also set crab pots with your charter. We can clean and package any of your catch for travel or we can steam them after your trip and you can enjoy your own sweet and succulent crab-fest right on our dock. For longer charters, we’ll also set prawn traps where we target Wild BC Spot Prawns. If you are in the area and want to experience some of the best fishing in British Columbia, stop by our office and saltwater tackle shop to see the friendly staff at Bonnie Lee Fishing Charters. It has been our pleasure to accommodate anglers since 1980.

Fishing with Sea West Fishing Charters in Prince Rupert

Sea West Fishing Charters


Prince Rupert has truly become one of the world’s most incredible sport fishing destinations. Join us for a day or two on the water to experience the spectacular scenery, unparalleled sports fishing and incredible whale watching that the North Coast of British Columbia has to offer. Once you board our 26-foot Trophy and you will feel right at home. There is plenty of room to fish yet still enough room to take a break and relax out of the weather if needed. To your surprise you will find a fridge,stove, microwave, diesel furnace, washroom and sleeping quarters below deck. Our boat is Transport Canada approved and loaded with all of the necessary safety equipment to keep our guests safe and sound. Departing from the dock at Rushbrook Floats, in Prince Rupert you will be captivated by the beautiful and unique surroundings found only along British Columbia’s North Coast. Just a short cruise and we stop to set our crab traps with hopes of catching a nice feast on our way back. We then travel about 30-60 minutes to the fishing grounds where we usually start fishing for salmon first and then move on to Halibut and other bottom fish after our guests are satisfied with the salmon fishing. After a day of fishing 10 hours we head back to haul our catch of crabs and continue on to the dock where your entire catch will be cleaned and filleted by your captain. Further processing facilities for your fish can be found just around the corner at Dolly’s Fish Market, which offers everything from freezing to smoking.and package your catch.

Fishing with Albion Fishing Charters in Ucluelet

Albion Fishing Charters


30 plus years of salmon and halibut fishing the west coast of B.C. (British Columbia) is what Murray Demman of Albion fishing charters brings to your salmon fishing experience. Murray has been fishing the waters of Barkley Sound, Ucluelet, Tofino, and offshore Vancouver Island most of his life and is happy to bring it all together so that you and your friends, family, or salmon fishing buddies will have the trip of a life time. Based out of Ucluelet ( you-clue-let ) a sheltered inlet near the mouth of Barkley Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island. This positions Albion charters to be on some of the best salmon and halibut fishing grounds in the world in only a short time after leaving the dock. Albion charters is dedicated to salmon fishing first timers or ardent anglers. Murray prides himself on providing one of the best and safest experience's you can have salmon and halibut fishing the west coast. The equipment from boat to rods and reels is of the highest quality. You will fish from the comfort and world renown stability of Albion's 24' Grady White. The vessel is complete with all safety and navigation equipment and meets Canadian coast guard safety regulations, not that Murray would have it any other way. All fishing tackle, rods, reels, bait, cruiser suits and fish cleaning are provided as part of the salmon and halibut fishing charter service. In prime season May-September you will experience some of the most fantastic salmon and halibut fishing anywhere in the world. Albion salmon fishing charters makes things even easier by having a beautiful accommodation rental right on site, a one minute walk to the dock and you're heading for world class west coast salmon fishing, halibut fishing and some of the most beautiful scenery on this planet.

Fishing with Sitka Alaska Outfitters in Sitka

Sitka Alaska Outfitters

Sitka, AK

Alaska is an incredible place with countless natural wonders and wild places to explore. Sitka Alaska Outfitters has the experience and equipment necessary to take you on an excursion into the wilderness of Alaska. An excellent selection of day trips, tours and multi-day excursions are available to fit your interests, schedule and budget. You can choose from a variety of packaged tours and excursions or customize an Alaskan vacation that provides for a variety of experiences and focuses on what interests you most. Join a prescheduled excursion or schedule one exclusively for your party, options are available. Saltwater fishing is one of the many great experiences that you can have with Sitka Alaska Outfitters. If you love to fish you can't come to Sitka without fishing the salt. Sitka Alaska Outfitters offers private half day saltwater fishing charters for groups of 1 or 2 anglers. The reason for this is that our boat is smaller and suited best for fishing 2 people. That said the boat is set up really well for fishing and catches fish. On these half day fishing charters we may target Salmon, Rockfish, and Lingcod, but not Halibut. For Halibut fishing you can either rent a boat from us and go self guided or book a halibut fishing trip with a full service charter fishing lodge. Southeast Alaska might be the best little known place to go fly fishing. There are hundreds of rivers and lakes to choose from with runs of Wild Salmon, Char, and Trout. In Sitka Alaska you have the opportunity to visit a river that no one else is fishing, for fish that have never seen a fly. There are species to target in the fresh water from April all the way through October. There are three rivers and five lakes that can be accessed right from the road system here in Sitka so you don't have to go far to wet a fly and catch some fish. Sitka Alaska Outfitters Fly Shop has whatever you need to get out on the water and catch some fish.

Fishing with Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge in Thorne Bay

Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge

Thorne Bay, AK

Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge is an oceanfront resort located on breathtaking Prince of Wales Island in temperate southeast Alaska. Construction of the main lodge began in 1990, where each log was felled and towed across the bay. In true Alaskan spirit, the raw lumber was milled, peeled and notched by hand. Expansion of the resort entailed the building of a second lodge, providing accommodations for up to 19 guests. The lodge takes its name from the 300-yard boardwalk, stretching from the boat docks and spanning the tidal inlet to the lodges. The resort is accessible via a 35-minute floatplane ride from Ketchikan, Alaska. However, floatplane rides usually end there—there's no need for a fly-out on the island to fish. Boardwalk guides escort fishermen to some of the most prolific waters in the Northwest—23 lakes, rivers, and streams nearby, so anglers can hook up in mere minutes. Date Range The lodge early season opens in May for native steelhead and runs through September with our second silver salmon run. What is Provided to Customer Most Boardwalk Lodge packages are all-inclusive, providing you with comfortable lodging, full guide and staff services, gourmet food, soft drinks, house beers and wines, transportation from Ketchikan, wet-weather gear, plus fishing licenses, and complete fishing gear and tackle. Orvis waders, boots, rods, reels, and flies are all provided. Region/Terrain Where You Fish Guides will lead you in pursuit of numerous fish species at the hottest fishing holes at 23 lakes, rivers, and streams on breathtaking Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Most of these waterways have convenient walk/wade access. Your fly-fishing excursions are typically accessed via vehicle. Although available, the added expense of a fly-out trip is completely unnecessary. Many of these waters are only fished when Boardwalk guests venture out, allowing you to cast and catch in solitude. Typical Weather by Season The climate here on Prince of Wales Island is that of a high latitude rainforest. Weather conditions change frequently, especially during spring and fall months. Temperatures in spring and fall range from 35 - 65 degrees, while summer temperatures range from 45 - 75 degrees. Weather is generally comparable to that of Seattle.

Fishing with Linehan Outfitting Company in Troy

Linehan Outfitting Company

Troy, MT

In 1992 we incorporated Linehan Outfitting Company with the full realization that this business is ultimately about customer service. Sure we're nuts for fly fishing, but we also know that flannel sheets are extraordinarily comfortable and that fresh, locally grown foods inherently taste better. We also know that impatient, cranky guides are intolerable and that you should never, ever have to deal with one on your vacation. Period. After all these years we're confident with our day-to-day operations, always appreciate suggestions, and promise to give you 100%. So, welcome. Have a look around our company, contact us anytime, and thanks for the opportunity to earn your business. Date Range Our fishing adventures generally begin around the middle of March and run through Thanksgiving. What is Provided to Customer We provide all Orvis gear free of charge if necessary, including rods, reels, and waders. Please bring your own foul-weather gear. Additionally, know we have plenty of Orvis demo rods and reels for you to try anytime. Guides provide flies, up to a point. Region/Terrain Where You Fish We believe that variety is indeed the spice of life and to that end, our fishing program is incredibly diverse. Our home water here in the northwest corner of Montana is the Kootenai River and all its tributaries. The Kootenai is a big, broad tailwater fishery that is honestly the last un-crowded river in the state. It's best fished with traditional float/wade techniques and features rainbow and cutthroats averaging 10-16 inches. The Kootenai tributaries and headwaters provide tremendous small-stream opportunities. Miles and miles of wilderness-like freestone streams tumble out of the mountains and are full of native rainbows, cutts, and brookies. Early in the season we float the tributaries but usually by mid-July they become walk/wade adventures. For the stillwater enthusiast, alpine lakes and valley ponds are yours to explore and we also spend a fair bit of time on the lower Clark Fork River around St. Regis, Montana and offer it as an option here at home, too. The Clark Fork is also best fished by driftboat; it's a fantastic fishery featuring, on average, 14- to 18-inch rainbows and cutts, and is also un-crowded. Additionally, LOC spends time around the state fishing different waters during certain times of the year. In March and April we can be found on the Bitterroot and Clark Fork Rivers around Missoula. From mid-May through mid-June we can be found in Craig, Montana on the Missouri River. These early season adventures are awesome and offer some of the most spectacular spring options in the state. Shoulder season, pre-runoff fishing is spectacular! The fish are hungry, the bugs are starting, and the waters are un-crowded. All information about our diverse fishing program throughout the season can be found in detail on our site. Typical Weather by Season This northwest corner of the state is not typical big sky country. Instead, it's a place of dense, coniferous forests, a place of lush, green mountains, and lots of water. Our summer/fall fishing season is generally lovely. Nights and mornings can be chilly with average temps in the 40s and 50s and daytime temps with lots of sunny days can average 80 degrees. As always, bring good rain gear just in case, but for the most part this area of the state sees pretty consistent weather through September. Average water temps early in the year might still be around 50 degrees, so waders are common. After about the middle of July we generally wet wade if you're comfortable doing so.

Fishing with Out Fly Fishing Outfitters in Calgary

Out Fly Fishing Outfitters

Calgary, ALBERTA

Out Fly Fishing outfitters Ltd. is the only Orvis Endorsed operation in Alberta and your leading provider of professionally guided fly fishing trips on the World Famous Bow River and Southern Alberta Mountain streams. Located out of Calgary Alberta, at the base of the majestic Canadian Rockies, the city that surrounds the banks of the Lower Bow River. This Blue Ribbon section of the Bow River holds some of the biggest and strongest river run Rainbow and Brown trout you will ever hope to hook. The Lower Bow is a trophy trout fishery comprised exclusively of strong and healthy wild fish. Our Bow River fly fishing guides are experienced, and knowledgeable of the structures and seasonal complexities of this famous and technical river. We pride ourselves on some of the hardest working and most enjoyable guides you'll find anywhere in this industry. We are very fortunate to have very experienced guides who have not only put in their time on these systems but also many other regions across Canada. Josh, Naoto, Zach, Dean, Adrienne, Paula and Out Fly Fishing have hosted numerous TV shows and contributed to many fly fishing publications in our industry. Fly fishing instruction and this industry is a part of our lives, not just our livelihood. We've fished around the world and know what its like to be the guest as well as the guide, something we believe helps us serve each of our guests better. Guided fly fishing trips should be the experience of a lifetime and Out Fly Fishing outfitters strives to make sure that's the way each of our guests feels after a day O.F.F with us! Region/Terrain Where you Fish Calgary, Alberta's Bow River and Southern AB Mountains streams & lakes. Our primary fishery is the Bow River but we also guide on the Crowsnest, Oldman, Livingstone and small mountain streams and alpine lakes in Southwestern Alberta. The Blue Ribbon Stretch or “Lower Bow” is the section of the Bow River is downstream of Calgary, not upstream. The Upper Bow is known as the “Jewel of the Rockies” and is exceptionally beautiful, however the fishery up there does not compare to that of the lower Bow. We have compiled a very detailed description of the different sections and stretches of the river on our website. Out Fly Fishing outfitters offers many other trips outside of just the Bow river trips. A full break down of all the trips and fisheries outside of the Bow we offer can be found on our website, but here is a brief description of some of the main fisheries we guide on in addition to the Bow River. Because Calgary is situated so close to the Rocky mountains we are fortunate to be able to slip out to the mountains for day trips, or stay at cabins and B&B's right in the heart of the mountains. Our mountain streams are exceptionally cold and rugged, although several of them still provide remarkably easy access for how unspoiled, remote and breathtaking they are. The alpine lakes we fish are right in the heart of the Rockies and some of them, such as where we fish for golden trout, are at high enough elevations to be above the tree line. In either case many of these lakes are absolutely breathtaking. Both hike in and heli-fishing trips are available for our alpine lake trips. The lakes and reservoirs we guide for pike on are prairie reservoirs that are typically shallow, fertile and not heavily treed, if at all. The reservoirs are there for agriculture irrigation purposes but happen to provide prime habitat for suckers, perch, whitefish and other course fish that are all food sources of large predatory pike. Typical Weather by Season Winter Season During winter we get Chinooks (warm winter winds) due to our proximity to the mountains. During a Chinook it can get well above freezing and the river becomes viable to fish. Outside of the Chinooks it's typically too cold to fish at this time of year. Spring Season This can be an unpredictable time of year for weather. Its possible to still get snow and have freezing weather, but it's also possible to have 70F degree days. May can be a wet month as this is when our ea...

Fishing with Tsylos Park Lodge in Williams Lake

Tsylos Park Lodge


Discover World-Class Fly Fishing in a Private and Exclusive Canadian Wilderness Setting Nestled within the Pacific Coast Mountains, 180 aircraft miles north of Vancouver, BC, is a virtual paradise for those who crave a truly singular fly fishing experience. This is Tsylos Park Lodge. Those fortunate enough to discover Tsylos are treated to an adventure they won't soon forget. A secluded wilderness playground. Tsylos is located on the north end of Chilko Lake, the highest and largest freshwater lake in North America. Once you arrive, you enter an alternate universe—one with snow-capped peaks, canopies of untouched forests, and glaciers that have sculpted out valleys over millions of years. No logging or industrial development here. Just nature at its purest. Crystal-blue waters filled with wild fat trout. Our guests have fly-fished all over the world, but tell us that Chilko is absolutely unrivaled. No artificial stocking here; the Chilko River and Lake are thriving with wild, native rainbow trout, bull trout, and are the home and spawning grounds of steelhead, Chinook, Sockeye, and Coho salmon. Our rainbows average 18”, but a 24-incher is not unheard of! All styles of fly fishing. Whether you're a novice or seasoned angler, you're free to fish the way you like. Wade the bank or float a line from a drift boat, jet sled, or float-tube. The fish are strong and healthy here—and they're fighters! It's not uncommon to see your fish torpedo across the surface of the water, cartwheel, jump repeatedly, and snap you off in an explosion of color and heart-stopping action. An escape from modern life. At Tsylos, you can truly unplug, unwind, and let go. There are no cell phones, no Internet, no clutter or crowds—just face-to-face conversations, infectious laughter, and simple pleasures. This is a rare opportunity to disconnect from the hustle of everyday life and just breathe. Fascinating people: On your Tsylos trip, you'll have the chance to bond with others who share your passion for fly fishing, Tsylos is sought-after by people who value quality and have a zest for adventure. Here, old bonds are renewed and new ones are born. Even single travelers feel welcomed and included in our small, intimate group of guests. Family-owned: Tsylos Park Lodge has been owned and operated by the McLean family for over 50 years. We've earned a solid reputation for delivering exceptional hospitality and distinctive vacation experiences. --------------------- "This for me was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The accommodations, food, scenery and fishing were all fantastic. Beautiful beyond words!" - Chuck Burrow, USA --------------------- We take care of the details - All you need to do is show up and enjoy! Our packages are designed by fly fishers for fly fishers. Just pick a package, choose a date, and tell us who you're bringing with you. Then, leave the rest to us, you don't need to worry about a thing except packing a bag, clearing your schedule, and getting to Vancouver, BC, and boarding the plane. Round-trip charter flight from Vancouver to Tsylos Park Lodge 7 nights' accommodations (based on double occupancy) Three meals per day and wine with dinner One guide to every two anglers All other activities (canoeing, hiking, lake trip, drift boat trip) Boats and gas Have a companion who's not into fly fishing? At Tsylos Lodge, in addition to the fly fishing, you can take a day off to kayak, hike, or join a ride. If you are traveling with someone who doesn't like to fly fish, they can join us for a horseback riding package or a wildlife photography package. We offer other packages to keep your travel partner happy while you're fishing: Horseback riding trips Wilderness pack trips Grizzly bear & wildlife photography trips When to visit us Our fly fishing season starts mid-June, with the dry-fly fishing season in July and August. We fly fish until mid-September. Our lodge season extends for the horse riding and grizzly bear viewing season until mid-October. The only hard part about Tsylos is going home. Want to learn more? Download our brochure for trip details and photos.

Fishing with Ultimate West Flyfishing in Cranbrook

Ultimate West Flyfishing


We are what a total quality fly-fishing experience once was and should be. We are a combination of world-class solitude dry-fly fishing and great old-world hospitality, with an emphasis on comfort and culinary delights. We are very easy to get to and an outstanding value. In addition, we can honestly say that we are truly unique and exceptional in fly-fishing destinations: simply exceptional fishing, endless opportunities, and solitude the way it once was. We did this. This is a place where the waters are extremely well managed, the wild fish stocks are incredible, and access is, in one fashion or another, very limited. The best part is that you can still fish without the crowds so common to most destinations we have visited. In fact, you can still spend a day catching huge numbers of fish on a dry fly and likely never see another angler. The fly-fishing experience we are able to provide is truly amazing, like a time gone by, like a time most of us can only remember fondly. It still amazes us and we do not take this for granted. We did not want a large lodge nor did we want to be a small shop outfitter. After experiencing just about everything possible, a medium-sized customer oriented environment is what we wanted to create. We did this with The Guest House. This is a place where the numbers of guests are limited to only a few (4 to 6) at any given time. The atmosphere is simple, relaxed, and very much home away from home. We enjoy comfort, so we have created very comfortable accommodations for our guests. We enjoy great food so we have created menus that are wholesome and delicious. We are within minutes of everything we could ever require, but far enough removed to enjoy our solitude. We keep it extremely simple. We do not tell you when to come and go; in effect, this is your home while you are with us. When you go out for a day of fishing, you return on your time, there is no diner bell but when you return a great meal will be waiting for you and a great relaxing atmosphere will be the perfect end to a perfect day. DATE RANGE We are in operation from April - June for lake fishing and then July - October for river fishing. WHAT IS PROVIDED TO CUSTOMER Most customers bring their own fishing gear, but if a customer needs to be outfitted we can supply them with rod, reel, and waders providing we know ahead of time the proper sizing etc. and there is no extra charge. We do supply all flies needed for your fishing trip. REGION/TERRAIN WHERE YOU FISH A single fly-fishing trip to Falcon's can be filled with many different angling experiences. One day you might sight cast to big wary The elevation is 3,200 ft. We have 2 major rivers, the St. Mary and the Elk, that we float. We do walk and wades on two smaller rivers, the Bull and the Skookumchuck, which are in the Rocky Mountain and Purcell Mountain range; both a short drive from the lodge. TYPICAL WEATHER BY SEASON The average temperature for the summer months is around 22C – 28C. We typically do not receive too much rainfall during the summer months, and have about 15 hours of daylight. The water temperature of the river varies from mid-50 F – mid-60 F in the St. Mary and Elk River and from 45 F – 55 F in the Bull and Skookumchuck rivers.

Fishing with Kitimat Lodge in Kitimat

Kitimat Lodge

Kitimat, BC

British Columbia Steelhead Guided Fishing Trips, River Fly Fishing and Ocean Charter Fishing. Located in the town of Kitimat, quietly nestled among the cliffs of the Kitimat River Valley. These Kitimat accommodations are strategically located near the Kitimat River and quick access to the Douglas Channel. A great place to stay in Kitimat BC for families, business travelers as well seasonal fishermen. Kitimat Lodge has 12 private hotel suites, 6 panabode log cabins and a full-hookup RV Park. All suites are fully equipped with wireless Internet and flat screen televisions, including full kitchenette with fridge, stove and coffee maker. Daily Routine of Guided Fly Fishing Trips On many of our fishing trip packages, our morning begins with a 630 AM wake-up call with a hot breakfast ready by 7AM. Anglers are geared up and off to the river by 8 AM. The pools and runs we fish are accessed by rafts and driftboats only. We feel this is the finest way to fish. It is very stealthy and each pool is covered with maximum 2-3 guided anglers. By noon we have fished 1-3 pools/runs. Lunch is served, hot beverages, fresh breads and sweets are on the menu, etc. We finish the late afternoon after another 2-3 pools and try to be back at the lodge by 630-7 PM. Supper is served at 730 PM. After dinner guests can enjoy the comforts of the lodge mingling, reading by the fire, playing cards, darts, etc. By 10-11 PM most anglers are ready for bed. Guests can request a schedule catered to their own liking as this is your holiday.

Fishing with Bare Lake Lodge in Chilliwack

Bare Lake Lodge

Chilliwack, BC

Bare Lake Wilderness Resort is located 42 air miles north of Kamloops British Columbia, Canada and is in the protection of Bonaparte Provincial Park. We are proud to offer the world famous fighting Kamloops Rainbow trout with access to seven pristine lakes and fish up to 8 pounds. Our resort is serviced by helicopter out of Kamloops and enjoys the privacy and solitude of the true Canadian wilderness. Bare Lake receives it’s name from a local volcanic plug which is partially treeless. This ancient volcanic activity has also provided the lake with a pumice base which generates exceptional growing potential for the flora and fauna so necessary for great fishing. In 1940 a local bush pilot by the name of Jim Marshal realized the potential of the area and started a wilderness fishing camp catering to the movie stars such as: Bing Crosby, Gabby Hayes, Claudette Colbert, Ronald Colman and Phil Harris. The camp has been in continuous operation since then with the present owners now being Darbein Saunders and Family. The many pristine lakes clustered around Bare Lake abound with native Kamloops trout. The lakes are managed to provide the ultimate fishing experience. In order to preserve the excellent fishing in the area, size and quantity limits have been set on each lake; catch and release is encouraged. Fish are generally easy to catch by fly fishing and the use of light spinning gear. There are clean safe rowboats on all seven lakes and motors are supplied on the three larger lakes. With many meadows and pine forests surrounding these lakes the area abounds with unlimited subject matter for those who enjoy hiking, photography or painting. Some of the animals in the area are moose, deer, bear, beaver, lynx, cougar, wolf and otter. The wild birds include bald and golden eagles, owls, hawks, loons, osprey, sandhill cranes, heron and ducks. Wildflowers, berries and mushrooms flourish in the area. The accommodations at Bare Lake are clean cozy cabins with all bedding and linen supplied. Cabins are cleaned each day. All of the cabins have bathrooms and there is also a central shower house. We have solar energy which supplies 110 volt power to all the buildings. Each cabin has a good wood heater with a plentiful supply of kindling and wood. Family style meals, including our own baked pastries and bread are served in the central lodge. Meals are served ranch style ” ALL YOU CAN EAT”. Lunches are packed each day for those guests fishing outer lakes, guests fishing the home lake are welcome to come back to the lodge at lunch time. This enables you to have a hot drink, stretch those legs and maybe have a rest before hitting the lake again.

Fishing with Baranof Fishing Excursions in Ketchikan

Baranof Fishing Excursions

Ketchikan, AK

Baranof Fishing Excursions offers a variety of Alaska fishing adventures out of the world-renowned fishing port of Ketchikan, Alaska. Whether you are a family looking to take your kids on their first fishing excursion, or an experienced angler looking to spend the day fighting our world-renowned salmon, we would be honored to introduce you to fishing in Alaska! If catching a halibut is on your bucket list, then check out our Halibut Fishing trips. Halibut Fishing guides have one mission, to catch every guest a halibut. There's nothing more satisfying and delicious as cooking up a succulent halibut you've reeled in. If you want to fish for a variety of species based on current fishing conditions, join us for the Alaska Fishing adventure. During the peak of the season, Alaska Fishing guests normally return with halibut, salmon, and rockfish. If you are seeking an authentic Alaskan experience, check out the Alaska Fishing & Wilderness Dining. This excursion features fishing for rockfish and halibut, as well as a gourmet lunch centered on your catch-of-the-day at our remote campsite. Fishing in Ketchikan Ketchikan is one of the most unique and beautiful places in the world. The city has certainly earned its title of the "Salmon Capital of the World." You'll not only be able to enjoy some of the best fishing in the world, but our guests rave about Ketchikan's beautiful surroundings and wildlife. Anglers regularly encounter spawning salmon, eagles, black bears, or seals. Our charming township is on Revillagigedo Island which is surrounded by scenic inlets, the magnificent Pacific Ocean, and the largest national forest in the United States, the Tongass National Forest. In short, visitors come to the "Salmon Capital of the World" for more than just exceptional Alaska fishing. Baranof Fishing Excursions is ready to give you the Alaskan adventure of a lifetime. Start planning a memorable Ketchikan fishing excursion today!

Fishing with First Class Fishing Charters and Adventures in Victoria

First Class Fishing Charters and Adventures


First Class Fishing Charters & Adventures is located on the southern most part of beautiful Vancouver Island where the Pacific Ocean and Juan De Fuca Strait meets. Outdoor enthusiast or not, come explore parts of southern British Columbia's rugged coast lines, including the San Juans and Gulf Islands, a part of the world we live and play in each day. We offer a wide range of Adventures including Fishing, Whale Watching, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Scuba Diving, Sightseeing and more. Whether you're planning a week long journey or just in Victoria for the day, give us a call and let us help build your ocean adventure. We recommend bringing your video & digital camera's along to record your memories. Come Experience Roche Harbour located on the Northwest side of the San Juan Islands in San Juan County, Washington along the Haro Strait bordering Canada and The United States. Roche Harbour was named after Richard Roche who served under the British Captain Henry Kellett in 1846. Lime production was a major industry in Roche Harbour back in 1886. The Roche Harbour Marina is a designated port of entry for pleasure crafts and is considered one of the best marinas in the Western United States. The Haro Hotel is considered to be one of the focal points on the Island. Spend the day walking around the Rosort or rent a Moped and cruise to the other side of the Island where you'll find Friday Harbour. First Class Fishing Charters & Adventures operates a 24 Pro Cuddy Sea Hawk Aluminum hard top with Head. It Measures 26 feet from Stem to Stern with two - 4 inch self bailing scuppers, two 1100 GPH Bilge pumps, Rule's high water alarm, Walk thru transom, 36 inch sides, and 1/4" thick hull. Powered with a 2014 300 Yamaha DEC outboard motor ( Digital Electronic Controls ), Lowrance HDS10 GEN2, Radar, Sonar, Chartplotter and fish finder. The 9.9 high thrust kicker is set up with remote steering so your guide and host can be where the action is. This well built boat has been approved by Transport Canada and the US Coast Guard. Welcome aboard.

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