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Key West, FL

Photo via Flickr

A must visit location for any angler, with diversity of fishing styles - from wading the flats to deep sea trolling for sailfish.

Key West is a year round fishery that provides anglers with multiple opportunities to target a wide variety of gamefish, including bonefish, mahi-mahi, permit, tarpon, shark, wahoo and amberjack. This beautiful island at the southernmost point of the United States won’t fail to provide you with ample opportunities to wet a line and hook into the Atlantic’s most prized gamefish. Outfitters here offer a wide variety of fishing options. You can book a day chasing bonefish and permit on the flats, or go out into the Gulf after world record sailfish and wahoo.

Key West should be on the bucket list for any serious angler, but also works as a perfect entry point for anyone just getting into the sport.

Basic Info
  • 74° 64° Dec-Feb
  • 83° 74° Mar-May
  • 89° 80° Jun-Aug
  • 85° 76° Sep-Nov
Gulf Of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, Straits Of Florida
Fishing license info here: here

The Catch

Top fish species to target in Key West, FL


Amberjack, generally refers to a few species that usually have dark stripes extending from nose to in front of their dorsal fins, fierce predators.


Skittish, preferring the shallowest water, and with great eyesight, Bonefish are a challenging but rewarding pursuit.


Groupers have stout bodies and wide mouths, used to suck prey in from a distance.


Not related to the mammal, Dolphin have vibrant yellows and metalic blues and greens, especially when first caught


Elusive and unforgiving, the permit is almond shaped with a unique tinge of yellow.


Reddish color along the back and white on the belly, Redfish are known for the distinct eyespot on their tail.


Prefer warmer water, put up a spirited fight, and have a delicate mild flavor.


Tarpon have swimming since prehistoric time. They can reach sizes up to 8 feet and weigh up to 280 pounds. As fierce a fight as any fish.


Wahoo are steel blue on their top side and pale blue on their underside. Also known for a series of blackish-blue vertical bars on their sides.

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