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Set amongst some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet, New Zealand is the ultimate fishing destination.

New Zealand is the bucket list trip for most serious anglers and there is a good reason why. Its not only the size of the fish that draws keen anglers from all corners of the earth, but it’s the spectacular wilderness and landscapes in which they inhabit.

From snow capped peaks to picturesque island dotted oceans, fishing New Zealand introduces you to scenery that has been utilized in some of the biggest blockbuster movies, while holding some of the fish that deserve their own.

Split into two main islands (North & South) and surrounded by many more, the country offers some of the most diverse freshwater found anywhere in the world. Gushing freestone mountain rivers pour into isolated bays as tiny meandering spring creeks flow into beautiful clear lakes, New Zealand has it all.

Then there are the spectacular coastal regions that offer their own diversity. From the warmer waters of the North to the cooler in the South there is a range of species to satisfy any avid saltwater fisherman. The famed Kingfish, Snapper and Marlin are on most people’s wish list with the growing trend to even catch them on the fly.

If you’re looking for one fishing trip to rule them all (Lord of the Rings reference) then New Zealand is the place to be. Lavish yourself in all the species and methods you desire whilst exploring one of the true ‘wild places’ left on earth.

Basic Info
  • 61° 53° Dec-Feb
  • 66° 61° Mar-May
  • 77° 68° Jun-Aug
  • 70° 62° Sep-Nov
Pacific Ocean, Motueka River, Eglinton River, Mataura River, Buller River, Ahuriri River
Fishing license info here: here

The Catch

Top fish species to target in New Zealand

Brown Trout

Large dark spotting pattern makes this fish stand out against the other trouts. They can be tough to catch and strong. Look for fall runs.


Groupers have stout bodies and wide mouths, used to suck prey in from a distance.


With a spear like bill and big rigid dorsal fin, the Marlin is a prized sport fish. Think Old Man and the Sea.

Rainbow Trout

Adult fish are distinguished by a broad reddish stripe along the lateral line, from gills to the tail, which is most vivid in breeding males.


Gray or greenish above and light on the underside, usually with an overall reddish hue that can range from coppery to bright brick red.

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