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Wild country, big fish and opportunities for solitude make for the fishing experience of a lifetime.

With more than 3,000 rivers, 3 million lakes and 6,640 miles of coastline, Alaska takes the old saying "so much water, so little time" to a whole new level. Steelhead in the coastal streams of Alaska’s Southeast Panhandle, salmon and trophy rainbow trout in remote Bristol Bay waters, halibut in Prince William Sound, and sail-finned grayling in the Yukon and beyond — Alaska is big country with big fish.

Much of Alaska is also remote, with fishing accessible only by boat or float plane. One major launch point is Dillingham, a town of 2,500 on Bristol Bay — called the "Salmon Factory of the World" for its prolific runs of five species of salmon, including the largest wild sockeye runs in the world. Several remote rivers thread inland from Bristol Bay to large lakes and networks of smaller streams that teem with spawning salmon as well as rainbow trout, grayling and more. Outfitters based in Dillingham maintain cabins and temporary camps in the backcountry, serving up gourmet food and campfire camaraderie in addition to spectacular fishing.

The main season around Dillingham runs June through September, when daylight stretches toward midnight. June kicks off the runs of sockeye, chum and legendary king salmon. August brings the cohos and pinks. A variety of flies and spinning tackle are effective. Fishing for rainbows is summer-long, and offers good opportunities for fly-fishing with dries, nymphs and streamers. To the uninitiated, these big rainbows can be mistaken for salmon!

If you're after even bigger fish, head for the saltwater. Charter a boat out of Seward or one of the many other port towns, bait your hook and be prepared to hang on tight — a "big" halibut starts at 100 pounds. Anglers have been known to pull in 300-pound-plus halibut. Salmon can also be taken at sea.

Catch and release is always a good option. But eating fish is a part of everyday life in Alaska, and it's easy to pack a cooler of delicious salmon or halibut for the trip home.

Basic Info
  • 22° Dec-Feb
  • 44° 29° Mar-May
  • 65° 53° Jun-Aug
  • 40° 28° Sep-Nov
Cook Inlet, Ship Creek, Anchorage Lakes, Kenai River
Fishing license info here: here

The Catch

Top fish species to target in Alaska

Chinook Salmon (King)

The biggest of the salmon family, these fish can get up to 70 or 80 pounds. They are silver at sea and turn red as they make their way upriver to spawn and die.

Chum Salmon

Among the largest species of Salmon, Chum average 8-15 pounds, and develop bold red and black striping as they enter freshwater.

Coho Salmon

Average 8 pounds with dark metallic blue or greenish backs with silver sides and a light belly; spawning fish in rivers are dark with reddish sides


One of the world's largest flatfish, Halibut have diamond shaped bodies and swim sideways, blending in with the sea floor.


Neither a Ling or a Cod, Lingcod have large heads and mouths and sharp teeth and body narrows towards the tail.

Sockeye Salmon

One of the smaller species of Pacific Salmon, Sockeye are sought after for their bright orange flesh.

More Outfitters

Fishing with Saltwater Excursions - Fishing Charters and Heli Tours in Whittier

Saltwater Excursions - Fishing Charters and Heli Tours

Whittier, AK

Come experience the magic with Saltwater Excursions. Halibut and salmon fishing, helicopter flight-seeing tours, wildlife and glacier tours; we can do it all! We are Alaskan owned and operated. We operate our vessel out of the Whittier Small Boat Harbor and our helicopter out of the Whittier Airport, both located at the head of Passage Canal. Whittier, Alaska is the gateway access point to Prince William Sound. Whittier is the closest port to Anchorage, a very scenic 60 mile drive south on the Seward Highway. Prince William Sound offers scenic beauty and calmer waters than you will find out of Seward, AK or Homer, AK. Whether it is from the air or the water, Orca Whales, Humpback Whales, Mountain Goats, Sea Lions, Sea Otters, Dahl’s Porpoise and Bald Eagles are just some of what you will encounter. Prince William Sound is a mecca for wildlife and offers a variety of different saltwater fish. We operate a 26 foot Offshore Duckworth Vessel powered by twin Yamaha outboard engines. Our Garmin electronics are state of the art. The M/V Saltwater Addiction includes a heated cabin and a private marine head. We are widely recognized for outstanding personalized service to both Alaskans and sportsmen of other states and countries. We cater to the novice as well as the experienced angler. Our Enstrom “Falcon” F-28F helicopter is nicknamed for it’s sleek aerodynamic styling. It seats three passengers and has a turbocharged Textron Lycoming engine. The turbocharged engine gives this helicopter outstanding high altitude performance. Enstrom’s reputation for safety has set the standard for light helicopters. Whether coming off the cruise ship or just stopping by Whittier for a look-see, a helicopter tour should not be missed. We have 2 different tours to choose from. Experience the magic of Prince William Sound like never before.

Fishing with Skagway Fishing Charters in Skagway

Skagway Fishing Charters

Skagway, AK

When your cruise ship docks and you're looking for a Fishing Charter for a fun-filled trip - Think of Skagway Fishing Charters. Skagway Fishing Charters, docked in the Skagway Small Boat Harbor, is only minutes away from the prime fishing locations of the Lynn Canal. Skagway Fishing Charters recognizes you are aboard to fish, not to cruise the canal. The canal reaches depths of over 1,000 feet in the Lynn Canal which is a splendid area for the Salmon to prosper. The probability of catching King Salmon is greatly increased when using electric downriggers. Skagway Fishing Charters uses downriggers for 1 and only 1 reason - King Salmon are typically caught at a depth of 30 ft. or deeper. Skagway Fishing Charters supplies all the gear, equipment, bait and experience to land your prize Salmon. Why is Skagway Alaska a good location for a fishing charter? Fishing the Upper Lynn Canal promises the fishing experience of a lifetime. A small fleet of experienced fishing captains operate independently of the cruise lines which helps keep the prices down. There are no commercial fishing ships working out of Skagway, which will not hinder the hunt for the Big King. Skagway’s hatchery creates a second run of Kings that grow big and are plentiful from May through September. Skagway fishing offers the KING Salmon – the prize catch of Alaska! Bringing in a prize salmon will be the highlight of your Alaska experience. Skagway Fishing Charters offers a full range of options for processing and shipping your salmon. Enjoy the taste of Alaska at home with a fish YOU CAUGHT with Skagway Fishing Charters.

Fishing with Highliner Lodge and Fishing Charters in Pelican

Highliner Lodge and Fishing Charters

Pelican, AK

The Highliner Lodge is THE ONE remote Alaskan charter fishing vacation destination with the HIGHEST CATCH RATES and the LARGEST HALIBUT in all of Alaska! The Highliner Lodge provides all-inclusive multi-day package charter fishing adventure vacations that include your seaplane flight from Juneau to Pelican, Alaska, quided-fishing, all meals, fish packing, gear and tackle. The Highliner Lodge is located "Closest to the fish!" and that is why we are the fastest growing fishing lodge in Alaska! We catch king salmon, silver salmon and halibut all on the same day! The Highliner Lodge offers access to the most productive and unexploited sport-fishing in Alaska. No where else in Alaska (or the world) can you find such an abundance of sport fish! If you think that this just more of the usual unsubstantiated and outlandish claims that all so-called "sports fishing lodges" make… please do yourself a favor and carefully read the first three pages of our website. I am confident that you will find compelling evidence that our claims are fully justified and that you will choose the Highliner Lodge as your next sport fishing destination! Doesn't everyone claim to be the "best"? Not really! Most lodges don't want to talk about catch rates or average size halibut... it's too embarrassing! Where we have rivals, those destinations are now crushed by industrial tourism. If you can get there by car, RV or cruise ship...If you can land a jet there...then it will be like any other so-called "world class" fishing destination... over-hyped, over-crowded, over-fished and under-whelming.

Fishing with Sea West Fishing Charters in Prince Rupert

Sea West Fishing Charters


Prince Rupert has truly become one of the world’s most incredible sport fishing destinations. Join us for a day or two on the water to experience the spectacular scenery, unparalleled sports fishing and incredible whale watching that the North Coast of British Columbia has to offer. Once you board our 26-foot Trophy and you will feel right at home. There is plenty of room to fish yet still enough room to take a break and relax out of the weather if needed. To your surprise you will find a fridge,stove, microwave, diesel furnace, washroom and sleeping quarters below deck. Our boat is Transport Canada approved and loaded with all of the necessary safety equipment to keep our guests safe and sound. Departing from the dock at Rushbrook Floats, in Prince Rupert you will be captivated by the beautiful and unique surroundings found only along British Columbia’s North Coast. Just a short cruise and we stop to set our crab traps with hopes of catching a nice feast on our way back. We then travel about 30-60 minutes to the fishing grounds where we usually start fishing for salmon first and then move on to Halibut and other bottom fish after our guests are satisfied with the salmon fishing. After a day of fishing 10 hours we head back to haul our catch of crabs and continue on to the dock where your entire catch will be cleaned and filleted by your captain. Further processing facilities for your fish can be found just around the corner at Dolly’s Fish Market, which offers everything from freezing to smoking.and package your catch.

Fishing with Soldotna Bed and Breakfast Fishing Lodge in Soldotna

Soldotna Bed and Breakfast Fishing Lodge

Soldotna, AK

Soldotna Bed & Breakfast Fishing Lodge is the premier place to stay on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. Bald Eagles gliding on boreal updrafts. From a stone's throw, view a moose and calf grazing, otters prancing along the river bank while the gun metal gray streak are sockeye migrating to their spawning grounds on the breathtaking raw majesty of the Kenai River. This is Alaska...this is Soldotna Bed and Breakfast on the Kenai River, Alaska. Enjoy the Alaskan wilderness while basking in the comfort, service and amenities of our fishing lodge. From your cozy Victorian style room's veranda with a marvelous view of the fabled Kenai River, soak the rays of the arctic sun as you escape into a novel. Have breakfast in the garden sunroom as you gaze at the Nat-Geo view that assails your senses. The Kenai River is the Mecca for serious fishermen's once in a life time chance for to land that world-class Kenai River King Salmon. This is not grocery fishing, this is trophy Alaska fishing. Having a knowledgeable and seasoned guide makes all the difference. Making this a reality has been the mission of our staff for each and every guest. With 300 feet of Kenai River frontage, set apart from other dwellings, savor the wilderness fishing lodge setting while enjoying modern conveniences that make you forget you are in the Alaskan bush. This is why we have been the choice Alaska fishing lodge destination for so many travelers. The Kenai River boasts runs for four of the five salmon species; Reds (Sockeye), Silvers, Pinks (Humpies), Kings (Chinook). Along with these are trophy Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char and Dolly Varden. Our unique lodge boasts 16 guestrooms of various styles and sizes and can accommodate up to 40 guests. Relax in the sunshine on your own private veranda in between heart-stopping moments battling lunker kings. The service we provide at our is unparalleled.

Fishing with Sitka Alaska Outfitters in Sitka

Sitka Alaska Outfitters

Sitka, AK

Alaska is an incredible place with countless natural wonders and wild places to explore. Sitka Alaska Outfitters has the experience and equipment necessary to take you on an excursion into the wilderness of Alaska. An excellent selection of day trips, tours and multi-day excursions are available to fit your interests, schedule and budget. You can choose from a variety of packaged tours and excursions or customize an Alaskan vacation that provides for a variety of experiences and focuses on what interests you most. Join a prescheduled excursion or schedule one exclusively for your party, options are available. Saltwater fishing is one of the many great experiences that you can have with Sitka Alaska Outfitters. If you love to fish you can't come to Sitka without fishing the salt. Sitka Alaska Outfitters offers private half day saltwater fishing charters for groups of 1 or 2 anglers. The reason for this is that our boat is smaller and suited best for fishing 2 people. That said the boat is set up really well for fishing and catches fish. On these half day fishing charters we may target Salmon, Rockfish, and Lingcod, but not Halibut. For Halibut fishing you can either rent a boat from us and go self guided or book a halibut fishing trip with a full service charter fishing lodge. Southeast Alaska might be the best little known place to go fly fishing. There are hundreds of rivers and lakes to choose from with runs of Wild Salmon, Char, and Trout. In Sitka Alaska you have the opportunity to visit a river that no one else is fishing, for fish that have never seen a fly. There are species to target in the fresh water from April all the way through October. There are three rivers and five lakes that can be accessed right from the road system here in Sitka so you don't have to go far to wet a fly and catch some fish. Sitka Alaska Outfitters Fly Shop has whatever you need to get out on the water and catch some fish.

Fishing with Bristol Bay Lodge in Fairbanks

Bristol Bay Lodge

Fairbanks, AK

Founded in 1972, Bristol Bay Lodge sits on a wooded rise overlooking Lake Aleknagik and the surrounding mountains of Wood-TikChik Park. The lodge presides over a quiet scenic bay some 40 air miles northwest of the small, remote town of Dillingham, 300 miles west of the nearest connecting northwest road system. Catering to up to 26 guests per week who desire the finest freshwater angling available, the lodge's well-appointed facility offers casually elegant wilderness living filled with creature comforts and an atmosphere of camaraderie. The main lodge houses our completely equipped professional kitchen, the dining room, our large living room with bar area, the library and a huge fly tying bench laden with everything one needs to tie quality flies suited to the surrounding rivers. The famous see-through fireplace is fronted by a panoramic view of Lake Aleknagik. We have eight bedrooms in the main lodge as well as a fully equipped fly and tackle shop. Our guests can arrive with nothing but a waterproof jacket and be fully outfitted. In warm weather the lodge's decks are the favorite gathering places for appetizers, cocktails and weekly barbecues. The hot tub and sauna get lots of use after fishing - relaxing sore muscles. Set around the lodge, but private in every regard, are four cedar cabins, often used for small groups or families. Each cabin is different offering its own character, yet all offer scenic views of Lake Aleknagik, slightly fragrant with the scent of cedar as you would expect of true wilderness cabins. Although we believe Bristol Bay Lodge to be among the finest, if not the finest, Alaskan lodges, there is no question that is a claim that could be made by others. Equally, there can be no argument that Alaska has some of the finest and most productive fishing on the planet; we are lucky enough to enjoy a piece of it. Where we are totally unique is in providing the opportunity for our guests to enjoy two intimate, comfortable (recently upgraded) outpost camps on what amounts to very rare private water. Imagine just four guests, or six from time to time if an intact group, enjoying the comfort of a private camp on private water with incredible fishing. You can fish all night under the midnight sun or just enjoy sitting around the campfire in the middle of nowhere but with a full staff and full communications in case of emergency. It does not get better than this and this is what Bristol Bay Lodge, with its international experience in remote operations, do best. Guests fish other rivers during the day, rotate into one of the outpost camps at about 5 pm, spend 24 hours there, then return to the lodge the following evening. Bristol Bay Lodge maintains exclusive leases on the two most exceptional river fisheries in all of the Bristol Bay Region. Northwest of the lodge is Birch Creek Camp. Directly west of the lodge is Rainbo Camp, located on the tidewater/confluence of two exceptional rivers. This overnight experience is often what is remembered as one of the highlights in a trip of a lifetime. To describe these outpost camps as just “great fishing” would be to ignore what is possibly the best overall wilderness experience in Alaska today. Picture yourself witnessing phenomenal scenery and wildlife below as you come in to land on the pond that services the camp facilities. Once landed, your guides will take hold of the airplane's guide ropes and smoothly tail it up on shore. You unload and spend a few minutes chatting with the outgoing group about the spectacular fishing they have experienced just that day. You take a moment to look around at the stunning beauty and the serenity inherent in all of remote Alaska, then continue to the camp thinking about the amazing fishing you have already experienced that day while day dreaming about the fishing to come. You turn just in time to see the pilot lift off the water, bank and turn away from you and across a cloudless blue sky; the smile on your face is one of anticipation. You arrive at the intimate camp perched on the banks of the river and begin to chat with th...

Fishing with Baranof Fishing Excursions in Ketchikan

Baranof Fishing Excursions

Ketchikan, AK

Baranof Fishing Excursions offers a variety of Alaska fishing adventures out of the world-renowned fishing port of Ketchikan, Alaska. Whether you are a family looking to take your kids on their first fishing excursion, or an experienced angler looking to spend the day fighting our world-renowned salmon, we would be honored to introduce you to fishing in Alaska! If catching a halibut is on your bucket list, then check out our Halibut Fishing trips. Halibut Fishing guides have one mission, to catch every guest a halibut. There's nothing more satisfying and delicious as cooking up a succulent halibut you've reeled in. If you want to fish for a variety of species based on current fishing conditions, join us for the Alaska Fishing adventure. During the peak of the season, Alaska Fishing guests normally return with halibut, salmon, and rockfish. If you are seeking an authentic Alaskan experience, check out the Alaska Fishing & Wilderness Dining. This excursion features fishing for rockfish and halibut, as well as a gourmet lunch centered on your catch-of-the-day at our remote campsite. Fishing in Ketchikan Ketchikan is one of the most unique and beautiful places in the world. The city has certainly earned its title of the "Salmon Capital of the World." You'll not only be able to enjoy some of the best fishing in the world, but our guests rave about Ketchikan's beautiful surroundings and wildlife. Anglers regularly encounter spawning salmon, eagles, black bears, or seals. Our charming township is on Revillagigedo Island which is surrounded by scenic inlets, the magnificent Pacific Ocean, and the largest national forest in the United States, the Tongass National Forest. In short, visitors come to the "Salmon Capital of the World" for more than just exceptional Alaska fishing. Baranof Fishing Excursions is ready to give you the Alaskan adventure of a lifetime. Start planning a memorable Ketchikan fishing excursion today!

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