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One of the world’s most sought after fly fishing destinations. Cast to virgin bonefish, permit and tarpon on expansive flats.

Welcome to Grand Slam land. In Belize, you are almost guaranteed a daily shot at the three grand slam species; bonefish, permit, and tarpon (all in one day). Whether or not they eat your fly is an entirely different ballgame. The bonefishing is without a doubt some of the best in the world. Massive schools of up to 500 bones are a frequent sight here. There are also some trophy lone bonefish to stalk, up to 10 pounds in some cases. Notoriously skittish, permit are the holy grail for the saltwater fly fisherman. Permit are fast overtaking bonefish as the most pursued and esteemed fish in Belize. This makes sense though, because the waters around Belize hold more permit per capita than any other country. Finally, the tarpon fishing here is virtually unparalleled. Big tarpon hold in the creeks and estuaries around the mangroves, and are frequently jumped around the 100 pound range. We’ve heard that lodges in Belize are catching world record sized tarpon, but not reporting them in order to keep other lodges away from their waters. Somebody needs to investigate...

Basic Info
  • 80° 70° Dec-Feb
  • 85° 76° Mar-May
  • 86° 78° Jun-Aug
  • 84° 75° Sep-Nov
Fishing license info here: here

The Catch

Top fish species to target in Belize


Aggressive and toothy, these beasts cruise warm saltwater looking for prey.


Skittish, preferring the shallowest water, and with great eyesight, Bonefish are a challenging but rewarding pursuit.


Elusive and unforgiving, the permit is almond shaped with a unique tinge of yellow.


Gray or greenish above and light on the underside, usually with an overall reddish hue that can range from coppery to bright brick red.


Prefer warmer water, put up a spirited fight, and have a delicate mild flavor.


Tarpon have swimming since prehistoric time. They can reach sizes up to 8 feet and weigh up to 280 pounds. As fierce a fight as any fish.


Wahoo are steel blue on their top side and pale blue on their underside. Also known for a series of blackish-blue vertical bars on their sides.

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