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Cape Cod, MA

Photo via Flickr

Steeped in fishing heritage, Cape Cod has one of the most famous striped bass runs in the world.

A classic fishing destination, Cape Cod will not disappoint fly or spin anglers alike. Cape Cod is perhaps best known for its iconic striped bass run and fishing culture. While most commercial fishing has died down off Cape Cod, there is almost no harbor that doesn’t have a sportfishing charter boat based out of it. An angler will not be short of fishing options here. One of the more popular things to do is to stay relatively close to shore and fish for striped bass, bluefish, and false albacore. While a strict limit has been imposed on stripers in the past few years, the false albacore make great eating and can be filleted right then and there on the boat. If that doesn’t suit you, deep sea boats will take you miles out to chase migrating tuna and billfish.

Prime time fishing here is from spring to fall. During the warmest summer months, even blue marlin and Mahi-mahi have been known to show up in Cape Cod’s waters. Cape Cod has an extremely busy summer tourist season, so if you’re planning a vacation it is best to book a trip well in advance. However, some of the best striper fishing starts in the early fall months. If you’re a hardcore angler, this is the time to book your Cape Cod fishing trip.

Basic Info
  • 37° 23° Dec-Feb
  • 52° 37° Mar-May
  • 79° 63° Jun-Aug
  • 60° 45° Sep-Nov
Cape Cod, Atlantic Ocean
Fishing license info here: here

The Catch

Top fish species to target in Cape Cod, MA

Bluefin Tuna

A prized food and gamefish, the Bluefin Tuna can reach 1,000 pounds in weight and fights with every ounce of it.


Bluefish live in temperate and tropical coastal oceans around the world and migrate seasonally. They are blue-green on the back and silvery on the sides and belly.

False Albacore

The little tunny is a prized gamefish known for it's 40mph, line screaming runs.


Flounder are a group of flatfish species. They are demersal fish found at the bottom of oceans around the world; some species will also enter estuaries.


With a spear like bill and big rigid dorsal fin, the Marlin is a prized sport fish. Think Old Man and the Sea.

Striped Bass

Stripers are easily identified by dark horizontal stripes across a silvery body. They can grow to more than 48 inches, weigh over 50 pounds and live up to 30 years.

More Cape Cod Outfitters

Fishing with Chas'n Tails Fishing Charters in Provincetown

Chas'n Tails Fishing Charters

Provincetown, MA

Capt. Russ was born and raised on Cape Cod. As a young boy his love and passion for the water was instilled in him by his grandfather who fished his entire life. Russ would go down to the dock to watch his grandfather come in with his catch of the day. At 12 years old, Capt. Russ owned his first boat and has been boating on Cape Cod waters ever since. Charter fishing has always been a passion of Russ’, to be able to take people out on the water to enjoy a day of fishing on some of the finest areas in the Northeast. Capt. Russ has over 40 years experience and enjoys his time on the water each day as if it was his first. Come and enjoy a day of fishing on the “Lisa Zee” and take home some great fresh fish and a vacation memory of Cape Cod. Capt. Russ’ only son, Bronson also is onboard the vessel as the first mate to assist the captain. Bronson is very personable and shares the passion for the Cape waters with his father. He loves all forms of water; when not fishing, you will find him in the Hockey Rink. The “Lisa Zee” is a custom built Downeast style boat built in Westport, MA. by R.O.S. boats. She was completed in Fall 2006. The “Lisa Zee” is 28′ in length with a 10′ 6″ beam and is powered by a 240 inboard Yanmar Diesel engine. She has a large cockpit for fishing, pilot house and v – berth area for protecting you against Cape Cod weather. There is also a head in the v – berth area. On board the electronics include a Furuno sounding machine, Northstar – chartplotter, G.P.S, a Furuno 24 mile radar, a V.H.F and C.B. radio. She is set for fishing and ready for you to enjoy a memorable day!

Fishing with Atsakeepa Sportfishing Charters in Cotuit

Atsakeepa Sportfishing Charters

Cotuit, MA

Cape Cod Sportfishing Charters and Cape Cod Fishing Charters aboard ATSAKEEPA TOO. Specializing in Striped Bass, Bluefish, Scup (porgy) , Sea Bass, Tautog and Bluefin Tuna. Sportfishing charters begin April 15th -November 2012 Come join us for an unforgetable day of Cape Cod Charter Fishing on the productive waters of Nantucket Sound, Vineyard Sound, Monomoy Island and East of Chatham, Massachusetts. We have some of the finest Deep Sea Fishing Charters for Scup (porgy), Seabass, Tautog (blackfish), Squid and Fluke as well as Striped Bass and Bluefish areas in the Northeast. Early season, we start our Deep Sea fishing for squid, scup (porgy), black seabass and tautog (Blackfish) off of Osterville, MA. in April/May. Bottom fishing for the black sea bass and porgies run through the end of June. Atsakeepa Too then heads south to fish for Striped Bass and Bluefish off of Martha's Vineyard Island. As the waters warm up and the season progresses through July, We begin our Sportfishing charters eastward through Nantucket Sound to the cooler waters east of Monomoy Island off Chatham, Massachusetts. The "tide rips" off of Chatham offer excellent fishing charters for Striped Bass and bluefish from early summer until late fall. School Bluefin Tuna invade "The Great South Channel" in June, July, and August. Giant Bluefin Tuna make their annual run down the channel from September through November. Fishing charters for bluefin tuna begin in June yearly. Deep sea bottom fishing charters for scup (porgy) , seabass, tautog (blackfish) and squid slow down when the waters of Nantucket Sound become to warm in early-summer. Bottom fishing starts back up in September when the waters start cooling off. Fluke trips are best in late July and August. Bluefish and striped bass fishing charters run through November every year, with steady bluefishing and striper bass action all season long.

Fishing with Bill Fisher Outfitters in Nantucket

Bill Fisher Outfitters

Nantucket, MA

Led by Captain Corey Gammill, Capt. Bill Toelstedt and Capt. Cam Gammill, Bill Fisher Outfitters is a charter group of highly experienced and enthusiastic fishing guides whose common goal is to make their charter customers smile! Whether it be a Bluefin Tuna on spinning gear aboard their 26 Regulator ‘Squaretail’, A Striped bass on the Fly caught on their 21 Parker, or your child’s first bluefish caught on their 23 regulator, their backgrounds as educators, coaches, public servants, and ultimately fishermen, will intrigue you and make you smile no matter what your hope is for that day. As a charter outfit, they share information, ideas and tactics to ensure customers have the best chance of getting the experience they desire. As a charter group, these guides average over 15 years of guiding experience each and their knowledge and resources will ensure you and yours spend the day catching, learning and creating memories and moments that will last a lifetime. In short, we do it all and we do it well. We are first and foremost a high-end charter/guide outfit that specialize in fly and spin fishing. We use all Shimano and Loomis equipment aboard our 23′ and 26′ Regulator’s as well as our 21′ Parker. We are all about putting fishermen in the experience and having them understand the thrill of the take, the beauty of the sunrise, or the joy of watching a child feel a tug. We are lucky that Nantucket has World Class fishing for Striped Bass, Tuna, Bluefish, Fluke, False Albacore and Bonito and we want those that fish with us, whether pro or novice to walk away jaw dropped, because you should walk away feeling that way after a day of fishing on Nantucket.

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