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St. Thomas

Photo via Flickr

Incredible deep sea and inshore fishing on a beautiful island.

St. Thomas is one of the most popular destinations on Amberjack, and for good reason! One of the most beautiful US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is the perfect place to go on your next fishing adventure. The deep sea fishing here is unparalleled for the Caribbean, and there are tons of other fishing options available to an angler. You can troll the deep for gigantic blue marlin, mahi mahi, and wahoo, or stay closer to shore and fish for grouper and snapper on the reef. A short run from the main island there are untouched bonefish flats for fly fishermen.

Fish don’t live in ugly places, and St. Thomas might be one of the more beautiful tropical destinations that we offer on Amberjack. Many charters offer mixed days of fishing and sightseeing. The cliffs that surround St. Thomas are host to many different species of birds, and the reefs below them are teeming with tropical fish. Snorkeling in St. Thomas is world class, and most charters will offer to make that a part of your day out on the water.

Basic Info
  • 85° 72° Dec-Feb
  • 87° 74° Mar-May
  • 90° 78° Jun-Aug
  • 89° 77° Sep-Nov
Fishing license info here: here

The Catch

Top fish species to target in St. Thomas


Toothy, aggressive, and golden, these jungle fish are acrobatic fighters.


Groupers have stout bodies and wide mouths, used to suck prey in from a distance.


With a spear like bill and big rigid dorsal fin, the Marlin is a prized sport fish. Think Old Man and the Sea.


Color dark blue on top, brown-blue laterally and silvery white underbelly. First dorsal fin greatly enlarged in the form of a sail with many black spots.


Gray or greenish above and light on the underside, usually with an overall reddish hue that can range from coppery to bright brick red.


Wahoo are steel blue on their top side and pale blue on their underside. Also known for a series of blackish-blue vertical bars on their sides.

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