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2016 Salmon forecast for the Alagnak River

April 07, 2016

With a strong run of King Salmon last summer and warmer waters in Bristol Bay, we think that the king run should be ver similar to what we witnessed last summer. The sockeye forecast is still well above average at 43million for Bristol Bay, and this should mean some great sockeye fishing the first 3 weeks of the season like last summer.

The pink and chum salmon runs should be as good as usual, making the combined run in 2016 well into the millions.

The trout fishing on the Alagnak has steadily risen over the years with huge numbers of rainbows and larger average size every summer. The mild winters may be helping the trout out with better growing temps and more activity with warmer waters.

All in all, 2016 should be a great summer on the Alagnak.

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