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Albacore Charters

Nantucket, MA, U.S.A.

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Target Fish

Bluefin Tuna Bluefish Cod Shark Tuna


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Trips & Rates

Bluefish - 2 1/2 Hour Trip

Charter Boat / 3 Hours / Conventional Gear
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These trips are great for families with small kids. The average running time is about 20 minutes. Most of the time we fish in Nantucket Sound or at Great Point, however sometimes we will run down the beach to Sankaty if necessary. Bluefish are the primary target however Striped bass are caught all the time, especially on the early morning trips. We run five daily 2 ½ hour trips. Our departure times are 6:00AM, 9:00AM, and 12:00 Noon, 3:00PM and 6:00PM. Whether you're a beginner, a family with small kids, or an experienced fisherman these trips are a great time.

  • Featured Fish: Bluefish
  • 1-6 People $550.00

Tuna - 12 Hour Trip

Charter Boat / 12 Hours / Conventional Gear
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We fish for Bluefin Tuna. They range is size from 30lbs to 800lbs. The best time of day to catch Tuna is at sunrise therefore departure times are very early in the morning, sometimes as early as 2:30AM. Tuna and whales feed often feed together so bring a camera, as the mammal show can be quite spectacular. Our success rate on Tuna trips is about 95 percent. Trolling is the preferred method of fishing however if the opportunity presents itself we will cast jigs and lures to the smaller fish.

  • Featured Fish: Tuna, Bluefin Tuna
  • 1-6 People $2,000.00

Spring, Fall Codfish - 8 Hours

Charter Boat / 8 Hours / Conventional Gear
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During the early and late season we run an 8-hour codfish trip. The average run time is about two hours to the fishing grounds. Cod travel in schools on the bottom. We often catch as much as 500lbs per trip.

  • Featured Fish: Cod
  • 1-6 People $1,800.00

Shark - 10 Hour Trip

Charter Boat / 10 Hours / Conventional Gear
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Monster fishing at its best, these trips are right out of a scene from Jaws. A chum slick is set up to attract sharks. It takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours to attract the sharks that’s when the action begins. 50lb tackle is used to fight them. Stand up or sit down, your choice, but hang on these babies can fight. Blue sharks, some weighing over 300lb, are the most common. With any luck a Mako or Thresher will be caught. Sharks are GUARANTEED on these trips. Departure time is 7:00AM.

  • Featured Fish: Shark
  • 1-6 People $2,000.00

Striped Bass Or Multi Species - 5 Hour Trip

Charter Boat / 5 Hours / Conventional Gear
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  • 1-6 People $1,100.00

Policies & Additional Info

Due to the continuing increase in Fuel Prices, A Fuel Surcharge will be added to the trip rate. Surcharges will be dependant on Fuel Prices.

All equipment is provided except food and drink. We have coolers and Ice on board. Call for reservation as soon as possible.


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1 Review
patrick mcevoy
Bobby Decosta is simply one of the fishiest guys you could ever encounter. he knows the waters around nantucket island as well as anyone and catches fish as consistently as anyone. Stripped bass and tuna fishing? look now further. it doesnt matter the time of year or the weather, trust me. i had a crew out with him in 6 foot seas last september and they came home with a bunch of pigs!
Endorsed by 202 people.


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